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Let’s Play Space Run – A Unique Take on Tower Defense

by Joey Davidson | June 20, 2014June 20, 2014 11:30 am PST

Space Run is all about getting goods (cargo, passengers, nuclear waste and the like) from one destination to another. You’ll outfit your ship with some starting equipment, earn scrap and fly from point A to B.

The problem? Space pirates, asteroids, marauders and other Space Runners will get in your way. That means you’ll need all sorts of weapons to beat them back. This is a unique take on tower defense, and it kind of has me hypnotized.

Space Run is currently available for the Windows platform. It’s also selling for 25 percent off right now on Steam. If this seems like it’ll tickle your fancy, you might want to give it a crack before it returns to its $15 price point.

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