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Let’s Play Screencheat – A Game That Echoes an Ancient Goldeneye Tactic

by Joey Davidson | August 7, 2014August 7, 2014 10:30 am EST

Screencheating, those were the days, right? Well, screen-looking in my circle of adolescent friends.

Picture three or four kids huddled around a tube TV with a copy of Goldeneye in the N64. Now, there were good players, there were bad players and there were screencheaters.

Screencheaters would look at their opponents’ quadrants on the television in order to determine their exact location one each map. It made camping nigh impossible, and that sweet trap of proximity mines you spent so much time setting up was rendered useless.

Screencheat is a video game dedicated to that tactic. Up to four player multiplayer, online and local, with splitscreens. I played today with TechnoBuffalo’s own Eric Frederiksen. It’s crazy.

Now, this is a pre-release game. If you’d like a crack at the beta, which starts on August 4th and runs until September 3rd, head to the game’s site and sign up.

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Joey Davidson

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