Let’s Play Gunpoint – Stealth Action Meets Puzzle Solving

by Joey Davidson | June 28, 2013

Hello again, friends. I’m here with another episode of “Let’s Play.” This time we’re focusing on the recently released Gunpoint. This is a PC title, though the developer has suggested that he might work on Mac and Linux versions down the line.

This 2D stealth romp is an odd mash of espionage, puzzle solving and patience. It’s also gloriously entertaining. Even though I’m still very early on in the game, Gunpoint has easily earned a spot as on my favorite titles for the year so far.

It’s that good.

As promised in the video, here’s a link to purchase Gunpoint directly from the developer’s official page. If you’d like to try the game on for size before you drop any bucks on it, you can download a demo on Steam.

What do you folks think of Gunpoint?


Joey Davidson

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