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Let’s Play Evoland – A Love Letter to Evolving Game Mechanics

by Joey Davidson | July 24, 2013July 24, 2013 2:01 pm PST

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Welcome to a brand new episode of “Let’s Play” here on TechnoBuffalo!

Today’s show is dedicated to Evoland, an adventure game that examines the slow evolution of the video game medium. Developed by Shiro Games, Evoland dropped this April. We’re late to the party on this one, but its 50% price cut during last week’s Steam sale convinced us it was time to dive in.

If you haven’t noticed already, the embedded YouTube player up top links to a brand new channel in the TechnoBuffalo family. The video is being hosted on TechnoBuffaloPlays, our new home for all things gaming. We’ll fire off original gaming content and any major trailers we receive from PR firms.

As promised in the video above, you can buy Evoland and support its creators by using the purchasing form located on their official site. Here’s a link to that jazz. When you buy the game directly from the developers, you’ll get a Steam key and the full soundtrack with your order. It’s the way to go.

What do you think of Evoland?

Joey Davidson

Joey Davidson leads the gaming department here on TechnoBuffalo. He's been covering games online for more than 10 years, and he's a lover of all...