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Koowheel, Vektron and Segway miniPro: The alternative to walking is a lot of fun

by Danny Zepeda | November 25, 2016November 25, 2016 12:00 pm PST

Here at TechnoBuffalo we get to check out some pretty cool gadgets. Sometimes its smartphones and others times its the latest VR systems, but every now and then we get some cool tech we can ride. Not too long ago, we got a chance to try out the URB-E (an electrical scooter) and the Specialized Turbo S (an electrical bike), and  testing those was a lot of fun.

Other alternative rides

URB-E and Specialized Turbo S: Get around town with these awesome rideables

We have smartphones, smart wearables, drones, VR, and everything in between, but perhaps the most exciting—or at least the most fun—industry right now is rideables. Is that even a word? I don’t know—but you know one when you see one. They are part of a growing category that takes products that have already been perfected […]

This time around, we got some comparable options that are really cool and might be a great gift idea.

Koowheel D3M Electric Longboard

First up is the Koowheel D3M Electric Longboard. This goes jumps into the electric skateboard market dominated by Boosted Board. Admittedly, this isn’t as premium feeling or as powerful as the Boosted Board (v.1). Still, at just a fraction of the cost, it delivers a comparable ride. It uses a dual hub in-wheel motor design. This eliminated a lot of bulk from the trucks since the motors are in the wheels.

The Koowheel also utilizes a smart motherboard with temperature control and maximizes ride experience. It has a replaceable battery, something the Boosted Board (v.1) doesn’t have, and it maxes out at 24.8 miles per hours (40k/h), which should be plenty for most riders.


The Vektron is an electric bike that offers a flexible design. We’ve tested out other electric bikes before, but this is the first one that folds up and turns into something that can actually be kept in an apartment. To adjust through modes, you use the dial with a black and white display to change from eco to sport and control the lighting system as well.

The makers of Vektron chose to use German engineered Bosch Active drivetrain to give the bike its power. To clarify, this isn’t a motorcycle that moves on its own. You use the electric power once you start peddling. It’s a strange feeling, but a welcomed one once you get up over 20 miles per hour and the fun begins. The Vektron has a 400Wh Bosch battery and has a range that can get your anywhere from 30-60 miles or range depending on how you use it.

Segway miniPro

If you were ever into hover boards, this is probably something you’ll be interested in. You might know Segway, the makers of those funky scooters security guards and tourists use, but they have also create other products. The Segway miniPro is an iteration of the scooters you’ve seen, but without the handle. It’s a fancier version of a hover board, and it won’t blow up. It features a premium built, complete with a display that lets you know the battery status and lights that illuminate your way.

The Segway miniPro gets up to 10 miles per hour and has a range of 14 miles. That’s nice and all, but the main features with this glorified hover board is its rich interface. You can download the Segway app and control the miniPro right from your phone. It also has a balancing program that makes it easier to ride that regular hover boards. This means you probably won’t be a YouTube reel of people comically experiencing pain.

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