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Amazon Kindle Fire HD (2013) Unboxing: Refined and Just $140

by Brandon Russell | October 4, 2013October 4, 2013 9:30 am PST

This year’s Kindle Fire HD 7 is a little brighter, a little more powerful and a little more refined. In addition to some internal tweaks, the cheap tablet now sports a terrific new angular design that feels great in the hand—Amazon’s most recent devices have all felt wonderful, and this is no different. The small tablet space will be fiercely fought this holiday season, and Amazon’s latest Fire HD 7 iteration will no doubt be among the top sellers. At just $140, it’ll be hard to pass up.

The new Fire HD sports a 7-inch 720p screen, 1GB of RAM, 1.5GHz dual-core chip, and Fire OS 3.0. Nothing to blow anyone out of the water with, though this isn’t Amazon’s flagship model; it’s still a very, very good one, however. That crown goes to the company’s new HDX, which comes with 24/7 tech support and some truly impressive guts.

Since the first Kindle Fire was introduced, it’s been an acceptable gadget, but it’s evolved into something great. With a new design, emphasis on software and access to Amazon’s enormous factory of content, a $140 tablet of this caliber will no doubt make it under plenty of trees during the holidays.

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