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Apple iPod Touch (2012) Review: Better Than Ever

Even with the impending arrival of the iPad mini, Apple’s iPod touch lives on, and in a big way. The Cupertino-company wasn’t content to just slap a faster processor and camera on-board; it went all out, and basically combined the most recent three iPhones into a colorful new package — and there’s a new loop, too. Cool/lame/who cares.

The screen is bigger, the camera boosted up to 5-megapixel and there’s now an A5 processor to fuel all your apps, videos and Web browsing needs. If you ever handled an iPhone or previous iPod touch, the experience is a familiar one, which is definitely not a bad thing. It’s now more refined than ever, sporting a thiner (that comes with one big sacrifice), and lighter design that finally doesn’t have that scratch-prone rear shell previous models came with.

Apple’s lineup of iPods is still the tip-top of the portable music player mountain. The market may be slowing as smartphones become more widely available, and tablets get cheaper, but if the iPod touch has been on your radar, Apple has definitely hit a home run with its latest model.

And if you want to check out the game, Bike Baron, it’s worth the time.

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