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iPhone 6 Plus: Apple Leather and Silicone Case Impressions

by Brandon Russell | September 26, 2014September 26, 2014 5:00 pm PST

Phones, now more than ever, are beautiful objects to admire and behold, like pieces in a prestigious art gallery. But that beauty sometimes comes at a cost, as we’ve learned with Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus. While we don’t normally do much case coverage—they’re a dime a dozen—we figured the timing was right, and that’s what we have for you today. Where better way to start than with Apple’s own leather and silicone options?

Jon’s impressions will focus solely on Apple-made cases for the iPhone 6 Plus, the company’s largest ever phone. The design of the device is gorgeous, the best Apple has ever put out. But the large size is a little awkward to hold, even if you’re used to handling big Android devices. Strangely, the iPhone 6 Plus is easier to manage with a case on it; it’s not as slippery, and therefore doesn’t feel like you’ll drop it (as easily).

Apple always makes excellent cases, and that same level of craftsmanship displayed across the company’s hardware portfolio is evident here. While the leather is the more premium material, we’re actually a little more fond of the silicone. That’s a subjective assessment, so choose whichever feels best to you.

Check out the video to hear Jon’s thoughts. The iPhone 6 Plus leather case will run you $49, while the silicone case for the same device retails for $39.

Brandon Russell

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