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iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Design: How Do They Look Next To the Top Android Phones?

We’ve seen the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus compared to Apple’s other mobile devices, but how do they look next to some of today’s most popular Android flagships? Glad you asked, because we have just the video for you.

Apple’s devices are always considered to sport the best designs out there, and that’s consistent across all of the company’s lineups (Mac, phone, tablet). But over the past few years, many of the top Android manufacturers have upped their designs that give Apple a run for its money. Take a device like the HTC One (M8), for example, which many consider to sport the best design of any phone out there. And what about the new Moto X? Super nice.

This isn’t a spec showdown, just a quick glance at what the new iPhones look like next to some of the biggest Android devices out there. Apple’s new designs are a big change compared to last year’s iPhone 5s, featuring rounded edges, an all-aluminum back and a thinner, lighter chassis. Check out the video to see these devices side-by-side, and stay tuned for even more coverage.

Brandon Russell

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