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iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Recap: All the News From Apple’s Event

by Brandon Russell | September 10, 2013September 10, 2013 1:17 pm PST

As expected, Apple unveiled two new iPhones at its event on Wednesday, one that’s cheaper and one that’s more expensive. They’re more than that, of course. Even with all the leaks we’ve read over the past few months, Apple still managed to procure plenty of excitement —perhaps most exciting being that neat Touch ID sensor embedded right into the iPhone 5S home button. Could this finally be the end of typing in passwords? We can only hope.

Most talk will likely focus on Apple’s budget iPhone 5C, which basically sports iPhone 5 specs in a plastic chassis. The colors look terrific, and the device still follows Apple’s famous design; the device is still thin and crafted to a T. If you enjoy a bit of color, the iPhone 5C will certainly pop in your tech arsenal. The handset is likely more of a strategic move more than anything on Apple’s part—good-bye iPhone 5—but it still looks like a viable competitor that users will no doubt flock to around the globe.

The iPhone 5S is basically what we expected: better specs, new colors same design. But it’s that new Touch ID sensor that is most exciting. Now you can securely lock your phone without worrying about a numeric password; the addition is highly convenient and will no doubt be a feature people will fall in love with, not only because it may eliminate the traditional password, but because of that futuristic “cool” factor. No more putting in your iTunes password when purchasing apps; who doesn’t want that?

Apple talked about a few other things, like the arrival of iOS 7, iWork apps being made free for new iOS devices, and even a brand new Infinity Blade. Want to get up to speed? Check out TechnoBuffalo’s full video recap above, and stay tuned for much more content.

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