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iPhone 4 vs. Google Nexus S: Smartphone Smackdown!

Jon says: “Picking the right phone can be tricky. You need to find the correct set of features that match your unique needs and wants. Two of the devices you may be considering, the Apple iPhone 4, and the Google Nexus S, which are put head to head in a 5 round smackdown, with 1 clear winner.”

The Nexus S is a smartphone built and designed by the folks at Samsung.  It is the second Android phone that Google has assisted with a manufacturer to produce, with the first device being the HTC Nexus One.

This is the first device to offer users a taste of Google Android 2.3, Gingerbread and it is the first device to support NFC (near field communication) in its hardware and software.  This phone will be put through the tests with the iPhone 4 to see which one reigns supreme!

iPhone 4 vs. Google Nexus S Categories

1. Speed
2. Text Entry
3. Screen
4. Browser
5. Extras

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