iPad Pro 9.7-inch hands-on: Apple’s pro tablet shrinks

If you’ve had the chance to use the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, you know how massive the device is. Apple now has a smaller version of that device, which it unveiled during an event on Monday. After a brief hands-on with Apple’s newest member of the iPad family, we were left with a feeling of déjà vu; it’s like using an iPad Pro just, you know, smaller.

The thing about the 9.7-inch iPad Pro is that it’s meant to feel familiar. That’s why the larger iPad Pro was the way it was. Apple is creating a clear divide in its pursuit to have “pro” and non-pro tablets. The iPad Pro is for content creation and maybe even replacing your laptop. The remaining iPad mini and iPad Air 2, meanwhile, are companion devices for consuming media, not necessarily creating it.

We weren’t able to spend very much time with the smaller iPad Pro just yet, but we get the feeling we already know what the experience is going to be like. We didn’t get to put that new True Tone feature to the test, and we don’t know what battery life and overall performance will be like. We’ll have a much clearer idea when the 9.7-inch iPad Pro launches on March 31 for $599.

Enjoy our quick hands-on in the video above.

9.7-inch iPad Pro

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