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iPad 3G Security Breach Could Leave You at Risk (Update)

by Jon Rettinger | June 9, 2010June 9, 2010 5:17 pm PST

Wow, this one is huge.  Earlier today Gawker reported on a huge iPad 3G security breach that could leave over 114,000 users at risk.  While the exploit was eventually fixed, those that activated their iPad 3G’s from launch until recently could be at risk.  I’m one of those users and am extremly concerned.  Who is to blame?  It looks like everyone who bought a WiFi only version saved much more than just a few bucks.

UPDATE:  We just official word from an AT&T Spokesperson:

“AT&T was informed by a business customer on Monday of the potential exposure of their iPad ICC IDS. The only information that can be derived from the ICC IDS is the e-mail address attached to that device.

This issue was escalated to the highest levels of the company and was corrected by Tuesday; and we have essentially turned off the feature that provided the e-mail addresses.

The person or group who discovered this gap did not contact AT&T.

We are continuing to investigate and will inform all customers whose e-mail addresses and ICC IDS may have been obtained.

We take customer privacy very seriously and while we have fixed this problem, we apologize to our customers who were impacted.”

Jon Rettinger

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