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iOS 7 Hands-On: Different But the Same

by Jon Rettinger | June 11, 2013June 11, 2013 12:51 pm EST

We’re still trying to digest the new look and feel of iOS 7. Haven’t seen what it looks like? The core experience is still there, but the icons, animations and features are much, much different. Apple explained that good design isn’t just meant to look nice, but work well. This early on, it’s difficult to give a final verdict of Apple’s new OS—we won’t until this fall. But that doesn’t mean we can’t play with it before then.

The most immediate difference in iOS 7 is how drastically Apple has changed the icons, making it clear the company intends on going in completely new direction post-Forstall—the experience has been stripped entirely of all skeuomorphism. Something as simple as the dialer is a lot different, very minimal, while things such as Notification Center, Camera, and even folders have been changed.

For a full rundown of what iOS 7 brings to the table, and how Apple is changing the platform from iOS 6, check out our hands-on. There are a lot of little tricks deep inside the experience that Apple didn’t even mention during its presentation, so expect some changes once the OS hits consumer level. What do you guys think so far of iOS 7?

Jon Rettinger

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