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iOS 7 Beta for iPad Hands-On

by Ashley Esqueda | June 26, 2013June 26, 2013 9:30 am EST

The iPad and iPad mini received iOS 7 beta support this week, bringing with it the design cues we saw presented at WWDC. We took a look at the newest version of iOS on the iPad today, and we’ve got a video to go along with it.

It’s (obviously) similar to our iOS 7 for Phone hands-on, but it’s always nice to check out how things look on a larger screen. What do you think of Apple’s newest iteration on their mobile OS? Is it coming along nicely, or is it simply not enough to catch up to the Android devices of the world? Drop your comments down below, and enjoy the video.

Ashley Esqueda

Ashley Esqueda is a sixth-generation Southern Californian, and thinks that's pretty cool. Ever since her mom bought her an NES for her third birthday...