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Improv Everywhere Strikes GEL Conference With Random Musical

by Adriana Lee | May 10, 2011May 10, 2011 6:07 am PST

Improv Everywhere strikes again!

If the name sounds familiar, it might be because these are the guys who perpetrated the infamous Best Buy prank a few years ago. (They got 80 strangers to wear blue shirts and tan pants, and then show up at the Big Box retailer and randomly help customers.) Or maybe you know them from recent exploits like last year’s random Star Wars reenactment on a subway car.

This time, the GEL (Good Experience Live) conference was the target, and some lucky attendees got an up close look at one of I.E.’s random acts of farce. GEL is an event designed for thought leaders to explore experiences in art, business, technology, society and life. But this time, the experience was set to music, as part of the group’s Spontaneous Musical series.

The Improvsters basically hijacked the New York conference. During a fictional unveiling of a new social media platform called Twirlr, I.E. agents among the audience busted out in song, to the tune of “Gotta Share!” Before anyone realized it, the surprised audience was witnessing an all-singing, all-gadget-sporting flash mob-ish modern musical. Best part? GEL Founder Mark Hurst was in on the joke.

Moments like this ought to be standard at every tech conference from now on, to break up the monotony of talking heads and PR people. (Google I/O, you listening?)

You can peep the the mission by just hitting play above. Enjoy.


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