HTC Windows Phone 8X: Jon Rettinger’s Impressions (Video)

We’ve already given you our final impressions of HTC’s Windows Phone 8X. But I was so excited to use the device myself that I decided to make a short video talking about what I thought of the flagship WP8 handset.

I’ve been anxious to use Microsoft’s revamped mobile OS ever since it was introduced over the summer — I love Windows Phone 7.5. And the idea of coupling Windows Phone 8 with HTC’s penchant for producing beautiful hardware made me feel like my birthday had come early. In my eyes, it’s the perfect combo.

As my daily driver over the past week, I’ve had a pretty sound experience. The snappy OS is easy (and fun!) to use, and the design is premium and wonderful to hold. The screen, too, looks great, and really helps amplify Windows Phone 8’s colorful design language.

Overall, the Windows Phone 8X has been a pleasure to use, and it’s certainly deserving of the score TechnoBuffalo gave it late last month. Check out the video for my full impressions.


Jon Rettinger

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