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HTC Windows Phone 8S Hands-On! (Video and Gallery)

We spent a bunch of time recently with HTC’s brand new Windows Phone 8 devices, appropriately named the HTC Windows Phone 8S and the Windows Phone 8X. Both devices are incredibly beautiful and amazing. Not only has HTC clearly spent a ton of time designing the phones, but it also paid attention to color. The Windows Phone 8S takes its design cue from the Windows Phone 8 live tiles and feels absolutely stunning in person, even if it is the “lower end” of the two models.

It’s equipped with a 4-inch Super LCD 2 display with an 800 x 480-pixel resolution, a 5-megapixel camera with HTC’s image engine for snapping super quick photos and capable of recording 720p HD video, 4GB of storage that’s expandable with a microSD card, and a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor clocked at 1GHz. It lacks NFC, which the Windows Phone 8X offers, but otherwise it stands as one of my favorite Windows Phone 8 devices yet.

Unfortunately Microsoft won’t let us get too deep into all of Windows Phone 8’s features just yet, so we can’t speak to much about the software. However, the hardware is among the best I’ve seen on any smartphone recently and we can’t wait to get a unit to review. Definitely keep this bad boy on your radar this holiday season.

HTC Windows Phone 8S Gallery

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