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HTC Sense on the Nexus One (Desire ROM)

by Jon Rettinger | February 21, 2010February 21, 2010 7:59 pm PST

The Android ROM modding community really is an extremely talented bunch.  If something is possible, they’ll find a way to make it work.  The folks at MoDaCo have managed to extract the upcoming HTC Desire’s ROM and ported it over the Nexus One, complete with HTC’s own Sense.  This extremely alpha ROM bring with it a host of new features and enhancements including Flash support (which I couldn’t get to work…yet), increased camera functionality, a new pinch-to-zoom feature in the UI, HTC widgets and much more.  Doing this yourself is not for the faint of heart, will void your warranty, and may leave you with an expensive capacitive paperweight.  However, if you are feeling especially frisky, the instructions are here.  If they don’t make Sense (get it?) to you, I recommend you don’t proceed.

We will of course have more coverage on the Desire ROM as we learn what other new features it brings.  Anyone out there brave enough to give this a try?

A special thank you to @carlosgraves for the help.

Jon Rettinger

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