HTC Sense 5 Demo on the HTC One

by Jon Rettinger | March 9, 2013

With the HTC One, the company has introduced a more refined UI with Sense 5 built atop Android 4.1. The initial aesthetic of BlinkFeed, which is essentially Flipboard on your home screen, is the biggest noticeable difference, but it certainly doesn’t end there. There are a lot of smaller, welcome tweaks HTC has caked over Jelly Bean, but not so many that those familiar with Sense will feel lost.

The presence of only two haptic buttons is a bit of a shock, and already we’ve noticed that our habits need to be re-tweaked. There’s a back button on the left, a big HTC logo in the middle, and the home button on the right. Oddly, there’s no multitasking button; instead, you double-tap the home button to bring up a new grid multitasking menu where you can jump into or swipe away apps.

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Accessing the app drawer is done through a software button in the center of the screen, where icons can be arranged by alphabetical order, most recently used or some other custom arrangement if you prefer. If you want to add a widget, you can do the familiar longpress on the traditional home screen, and adding a app icon requires you to drag and drop toward the top left.

There are many other little tweaks and refinements. You get a feeling that HTC spent a lot of time trying to get Sense 5 to match the premium build of the One, and our initial impressions are good. So far. It’s already taken some getting used to, but not so much where you have to relearn everything. Check out the video for a quick tour of Sense 5, and stay tuned for more One coverage.

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