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HTC Radar 4G for T-Mobile Hands-On (video)

We don’t know exactly when it’s coming, and they won’t say how much it’ll cost, but we know do this about the HTC Radar 4G: T-Mobile’s got it and they’re planning to put it on sale before Christmas of this year. For what it’s worth, I can tell you the phone exists and it runs Windows Phone Mango just like the press releases say it does. It’s also a pretty nice phone to mess around with over dinner with PR people and a fellow blogger.

I got the chance to sit down with HTC in Seattle and check out some of their latest wares, including the T-Mo bound Radar and its big WP7 brother, the Titan. First off, Titan is sweet. I want one. Seriously. Killian covered the big, bad beast’s launch in London at the beginning of September, so check out his impressions for more on that one.

As for Radar, it felt like good little phone – if you can call a phone with a 3.8-inch display “little.” The aluminum unibody construction is solid, and the white and sliver color scheme looks good, though there’s something about the lower lip of the phone that reminds me of a double chin. WP7 is limited to WVGA resolution right now, so the screen maxes out at 800 x 480, but it looks good doing it. Radar is also T-Mobile’s first Windows Phone device to support 4G (HSPA+ 14.4) data speeds.

I didn’t have any network connectivity when playing with the phone, but flipping through menus and launching apps was zippy enough despite the fact that the Qualcomm processor under Radar’s hood is of the single-, and not dual-, core variety. I’m really excited to spend some quality time with Mango, and I wouldn’t mind doing on Radar 4G. Though, honestly, I’d rather get my paws on a Titan.

Check out the vid, and stay tuned for more details on Radar’s ship date and price just as soon as we get ’em.

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