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HTC One (M8) Dot View Cover Review

When HTC introduced its brand new HTC One (M8) smartphone, it also debuted a brand new, and very unique, accessory for the device. It’s called the Dot View cover, and it basically allows you to see alerts, answer incoming calls, view the time and weather, and more, all without ever opening the cover or turning on your phone. The device will soon be available in several colors for $49.99, but we had a gray unit that we tested with our HTC One (M8), and wanted to bring you a quick review on what it has to offer.

We aren’t usually fans of flip-view style cases, no matter who it’s from, mainly because the flap always seems to get in the way of what we’re trying to do.Usually, we just want to dive right in and look at the phone and start interacting. The dot view is a bit different, though, in that it allows us to interact a bit without having to open it at all (competitors, like Samsung and LG, have similar interactive cases but they use a window instead).

Dot View basically protects the back of your phone with a thin plastic cover, and then the front has a dot-matrix style design with semi-clear holes that let light shine through. Underneath, the phone does all of the work by displaying information on the screen. Double tap the display, like you would if you didn’t have a case on, and the screen lights up with information. If it’s cloudy, you’ll see that. It’ll also then show the temperature. Or, you can swipe up to answer a call, swipe down to end the call. You can talk without ever opening the cover. We will note you have to be deliberate on your touch.

We don’t like that you have to hold it awkwardly to take a picture, it makes it feel like you’re going to fumble and drop the phone. Also, when it’s open, the cover doesn’t really bend with the curve of the phone and that makes holding it a bit uncomfortable. It does a good job of protecting the phone, however, and it seems popular enough, it’s already sold out.

We definitely liked using it for the past few days, but we’re probably still going to let the HTC One (M8) run naked because we love the design. It’s still a great case, though, and one of the best flip-style cases we’ve ever tested. Check out our video above and gallery below for a closer look.

Todd Haselton

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