HTC One Camera Demo and Samples

by Jon Rettinger | March 9, 2013

HTC is wringing its hands of the megapixel race. While other manufacturers push toward 13-megapixels and more, HTC has instead introduced something it calls UltraPixels—a quirky marketing term meant to highlight the One’s camera sensor. So is it better than what’s already out there?

It’s difficult to judge after just a few photos, but the One so far has produced some excellent results, both indoors and out. The camera itself is lightning quick, and auto-focuses almost instantly—it finds faces just as quick, too. To snap a picture, simply tap the camera button, just as you would on any other phone.

The HTC One only sports a 4-megapixel camera, but that doesn’t automatically mean it’s inferior to the competition. HTC has laid out those pixels onto a 1/3-inch sensor—the same found in the Lumia 920—but they’re bigger, which HTC translates into meaning Ultra. Whereas the 920 has 1.4-micrometer pixels, the HTC One has larger 2-micrometer pixels. Basically, they capture more light and data, theoretically meaning you’ll get better results.

As HTC’s Symon Whitehorn explained last month, “Our UltraPixel sensor has the largest individual pixel size available in a smartphone, which enables each pixel to capture up to 300% more light.” We’ve included a few initial samples in the post—they’ve been resized, though—but we’ve only confined ourselves to the TechnoBuffalo office. We can’t wait to see how more real-world results look as we further put those UltraPixels to use.

HTC One Camera Samples

Below is a shot from the iPhone 5 (top) and HTC One (bottom).



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