HTC One in Black: Quick Hands On

by Brandon Russell | June 5, 2013

The current silver iteration of the HTC One looks superb, tremendous—we’ve repeatedly sung the praises of the device’s design. But we’re now just getting our hands on the black model, and the handset—amazingly—looks even better; we didn’t think it was possible. It’s more elegant and stealthy. Instead of a subtle two-tone approach, HTC has kept the device completely blacked out. The only noticeable thing that stands out is the red Beats logo on the rear, but even that’s low key.

There’s nothing new about the device itself. We got the Sprint version, so of course there are a ton of Sprint apps being force fed to customers. But, just in case you hadn’t seen the black HTC One before, we wanted to share what the device looks like in action.

HTC One (Black) Gallery:

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