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HTC Flyer WiFi Unboxing (video)

HTC was kind enough to loan us a Flyer WiFi, the company’s first tablet, which hits Best Buy on May 22nd for $499.99. Running Android 2.3 with HTC Sense, Flyer boasts a 7-inch display, loads of customized software, dual cameras, and an optional stylus. Pricing hasn’t been announced for said “Magic Pen” stylus, but rumors have it costing a hefty $80, though carrier versions of the device (like the forthcoming Sprint Evo View) may bundle the battery powered pen with the tablet.

Flyer impressed me with its software and big but not too big size when I first saw it at Mobile World Congress back in February. But several impressive new Android tablets have launched since then, and while HTC clearly put a lot of effort into customizing their Sense software for the tablet experience, Android diehards are scoffing at the company for building Flyer around OS 2.3 and not 3.0, which Google calls its first tablet-specific version of the platform. Still, I’m excited to find out: Can Flyer run with the big boys and their Honeycombs?

Noah Kravitz

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