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HTC First Unboxing and Hands-On: Facebook All the Time

The HTC First is, for all intents and purposes, a Facebook Phone, the best and most thorough admission into Mark Zuckerberg’s fancy new Android playground. It’s not about the hardware, which is great by the way, nor is it about the latest specs. For $99, First is designed to be an outright Facebook experience unlike any other through more thoughtful integration.

Running the all-new Facebook Home tweak, First is a surrender into Zuckerberg’s carefully curated social networking experience. It’s not designed around apps or benchmarks, but people. If you’re the demographic that obsessively checks Facebook everyday/minute/second, looking for likes and messages and invites, First belongs in your pocket. It’s not big (the screen is only 4.3-inches), and no single spec stands out as extraordinary. That’s not the point.

We’re curious to see how such a tightly crafted experience is received by the larger populace. The mobile market has gravitated toward larger, faster, thinner. Hardware-wise, HTC First isn’t notable in the least other than to maybe elicit a collective, “Eh, that’s cool. I guess.” That’s ok, because now more than ever, it’s what’s on the inside that counts: the first smartphone to run Facebook Home right out of the box.

The HTC First will be available on April 12 through AT&T, and will retail for $99 with two-year contract.

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