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HP TouchPad Tablet Hands-On Demo (video)

by Noah Kravitz | February 9, 2011February 9, 2011 1:25 pm PST

First off, “Palm” is pretty much dead as a brand name. It’s all HP from here on out, kids.

Second, they wouldn’t let us touch the TouchPad tablet – or the Pre 3, for that matter – instead relegating us and our cameras to watching product reps run through demos. So here you go, five minutes of TouchPad demo.

Despite my whining about not being able to touch the thing, and the fact that it lacks a video out jack, I still think TouchPad looks like the first real “iPad killer” that could capture mass consumer imagination. The combination of software, user interface, and connected services is, on first glance, fantastic.

Noah Kravitz

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