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HP killed webOS Hardware and Noah is Bummed (A Sad Video Rant)

by Noah Kravitz | August 19, 2011August 19, 2011 11:45 am PST

Mike was right. I cried yesterday. Sure, my cheeks stayed dry but much as Eddie Murphy once said, “Karate man bruise on the inside,” tech bloggers don’t like to cry real tears over dead gadgets. At least not in public, anyway.

So any glistening on my face in this video is just the lights reflecting off of my naturally shiny noggin, and not salt water manifestations of my extreme bummed-out-ness over HP’s announcement yesterday. No, webOS isn’t dead, at least not yet. There’s still the likelihood of HP selling or perhaps licensing the platform out to another company in a lame last ditch attempt to recoup some the $1.2 Billion they spent to buy Palm just over one year ago. But the TouchPad is dead, the Veer is dead, and the Pre 3 is dead before it ever shipped on a US carrier, and so too are any hopes – obviously misguided hopes, in retrospect – that Palm’s ingenuity and HP’s distribution muscle might just have been a match made in silicon heaven.

I’m fine now, don’t worry. Ups and downs like this are part of the occupational hazard that comes along with being a tech blogger. But yeah, you might noticed I’m kinda bummed out in the video. So, if you dare, raise a glass to webOS and sit back for 15+ minutes of my sincerest thoughts on what could have been with HP, what might be with … HTC? Samsung?, and what is now just an empty Pre Plus box: The story of HP discontinuing webOS hardware production.

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