HP Envy X2 Windows 8 Tablet/Notebook Hands-On! (Gallery and Video)

We recently had a chance to check out one of HP’s new high-end notebook computers, the Envy X2. The device serves as both a tablet and a full-fledged notebook. It runs Windows 8, weighs just 3.1 pounds with the keyboard and features a ton of high-end specs. What specs, you ask?

To start, it’s equipped with a 11.6-inch HD touchscreen display, an HD webcam, an 8-megapixel camera on the back, Beats Audio support, NFC and an optional stylus. We loved playing around with the Envy X2 last night and it reminds us of a much more powerful Asus Infinity Prime tablet — you get the keyboard and a tablet, but instead of being limited to a mobile operating system you get a full-fledged PC experience.

HP didn’t say how much the Envy X2 will cost, although we’re guessing it won’t be too cheap. Check out our video walkthrough and full gallery for more information.

HP Envy X2 Windows 8 Tablet/Notebook Gallery


Todd Haselton

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