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How to Put Gingerbread on Droid X (Without Rooting!) (video)

Android 2.3 GingerbreadSmells awful nice in here… like the toasty goodness of Gingerbread wafting in the air. It’s irresistible, especially for a Droid X user. So after seeing the following instructions on the DroidXForums, I just couldn’t resist slapping Gingerbread on my Droid X. Best part? No rooting necessary.

Instructions (thx MikeinRichmond)

You need to flash this from stock recovery, not clockwork. Yes, just rename the file to Here’s how to get into stock recovery:

Power off, hold the home button then press and hold the power button until the android guy with the triangle shows up. Hit the search key, use the volume buttons to scroll down to apply update from sd card and select it with the camera button, it will start the process, takes about 4 minutes, then reboots. If it Bootloops just pull the battery, do the factory reset procedure again, choose wipe data/factory reset this time, then reboot when it finishes…

I could write up a few thoughts about how it went, but wouldn’t it be better to just show you? So here you go, Android 2.3 with the new MotoBlur, for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.


(Disclaimer: TechnoBuffalo is not endorsing or recommending that people attempt any unauthorized hacks, tweaks, mods or jailbreaks, especially random ones they find on the webs. That’s our job. But if you insist on giving things a whirl, don’t blame us if your hardware starts to weep. You’ve been warned.)

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