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Help Name the Buffalo Giveaway!

by Jon Rettinger | November 30, 2009November 30, 2009 4:26 pm PST

The Buffalo needs your help.  Look at him sitting up there on the top of the page.  Don’t let the Santa hat fool you, he’s lonely.  Even worse than not having a Mrs. Buffalo in his life, the poor dude doesn’t even have a name.  Maybe you can help?  Come up with your best name for him, leave your idea down below (you can post as many times as you like) and we will pick the top 5.  Those selected will be put up on our daily poll, and you, the viewers get to pick the winners.  You have until 11:59 PM PST on December 7th to submit your names.

1st Place wins an HTC Fuze & a Brite View Internet Media Player

2nd Place wins: HTC Fuze

3rd Place wins an HTC Fuze

Since these are US only phones, the contest is limited to those folks in the United States. If you live elsewhere in the world, we’ll do our best to make sure future giveways include you, like we did with our Xbox and PS3 contests.

(HTC Fuze’s are courtesy of AT&T’s social media initiatives. )

Jon Rettinger

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