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Half Price Android: Unboxing the LG Connect 4G for MetroPCS

Why am I so excited to test MetroPCS’ LG Connect 4G smartphone? Two reasons: 1.”Unlimited” talk/text/Web plans on MetroPCS start at just $40/month, and; 2. It’s got a front facing camera.  That’s why.

Forty bucks a month for virtually unlimited use of an Android device is dirt cheap. The asterisk here is that you’re capped at 100MB worth of streaming media access unless you step up to a $50/mo (1GB multimedia) or $60/mo (unlimited) plan. Even the $60 plan, which includes a Rhapsody subscription for on demand streaming music, is far cheaper than what any of the big four carriers charge for unlimited smartphone usage right now. Not to mention that with Metro, you don’t have to sign a contract (Connect 4G is $319 up front after a $30 rebate).

I know I’m probably the only tech blogger working right now who cares about front facing cameras. But I’ve got some far away friends and relatives who like to video chat and I’ve made so many YouTube videos over the years that I’m pretty much immune to how I look on camera, so I’ve really been enjoying the whole FaceTime/Skype on the go thing. Connect 4G is MetroPCS’ second Android handset to sport dual-cameras, but my PR rep told me this one’s way better than the Galaxy Attain 4G.

And so I’m diving into a few weeks with the Connect 4G. It’s not the slimmest, lightest, or most powerful smartphone around, but it ain’t half bad either. Dual-core Snapdragon CPU? Check. 4-inch, WVGA display? Check. LTE support? Half-check, as MetroPCS’ LTE feels more like Sprint’s WiMax than AT&T or Verizon’s blazing fast 4G data.

But like I said: $40/month! You could do a lot with an extra $500+ each year, right? That’s what you’d save switching from an unlimited plan on one of the “big four” networks. So at least peek inside the box with me, won’t you?

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