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Google Earth Comes to Android 2.1

by Jon Rettinger | February 24, 2010February 24, 2010 3:37 pm PST

Earlier this week Google Earth was released for Android 2.1 giving stalkers and nut-jobs yet another way to know where you live.  Seeing how the Nexus One is the only 2.1 equipped device at the moment, this free download from the Android Market is really only applicable to a single handset.  It is about what you’d expect from a mobile version of the software, offering panning, smooth scrolling, and a multitude of views and layers.  While the actual utility of the application may be questionable, it is no doubt fun to see where your old girlfriend lives.  Maybe that’s just me?

Jon Rettinger

Jon, perhaps best known by his YouTube alter ego Jon4Lakers, has a love for technology that can never be quenched, no matter how hard he tries. If...