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Google Demo Slam: Instantaneous

by Winston Sih | November 23, 2010November 23, 2010 8:47 pm PST

FTC Disclaimer: This video was made by a Youtube Partner and paid for by Google.

The Demo Slam from Google is a newly developed concept designed to show off and demonstrate amazing new technology in a way that’s innovated, fresh and new.

With everything TechnoBuffalo does, it’s an obvious that we’d have this angle covered as well!

From Google’s Demo site, it says, “Welcome to Demo Slam. Where a little creativity takes tech demos from mundane to mind-blowing. All thanks to people like you. So come watch, choose your favorites and most importantly, show the world what you can do. This Wednesday the Slamming Preseason begins.”

In this video, TechnoBuffalo’s two Jon’s (Jon Rettinger and Jon Quach) demonstrate Google’s new Instant Search and its potential on what it can do!

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