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Google Chrome for Mac, Now in Beta

by Jon Rettinger | December 8, 2009December 8, 2009 12:29 pm PST

To all you OS X users who have jealous of your PC counterparts ability to browse the web at blistering speeds, be green no longer.  Google has (finally!) unleashed the fist official Beta build of Chrome for Mac.

Previously only available as a developer preview, the Beta brings with it a slew of updates behind the scenes making for a very fast although not feature rich experience.

Google still hasn’t included any sort of bookmarks manager, which can be a bit annoying.

Google Chrome For Mac Beta

Here are a few fun facts from us on the Google Chrome for Mac team:

  • 73,804 lines of Mac-specific code written
  • 29 developer builds
  • 1,177 Mac-specific bugs fixed
  • 12 external committers and bug editors to the Google Chrome for Mac code base, 48 external code contributors
  • 64 Mac Minis doing continuous builds and tests
  • 8,760 cups of soft drinks and coffee consumed

Now the question is, will you be switching?

Jon Rettinger

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