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Good to Go #2: webOS’ Future with HP

by Noah Kravitz | March 10, 2011March 10, 2011 7:13 pm PST

James and I are back at it this week, talking about HP’s TouchPad and webOS in general. As the world prepares for another inevitable round of “Live from the Apple Store line!” local news coverage on Friday, JK and I take a step back to look at the future of what we both consider a better mobile platform than iOS. Palm brought the OS goods with webOS, but suffered through myriad other problems from taking too long to ship the Pre to those horrible “Creepy Girl” TV ads.

Can HP give webOS the business acumen, production resources, and marketing savvy  it needs to be a true contender in the mobile space? Will TouchPad emerge as a real iPad challenger based on its novice level usability and pro level functionality? And will Noah ever get his audio issues worked out (yes, next week, promise!)?

Find out in Episode #2 of Good to Go with James and Noah. And hit us up with questions, comments and suggestions for next weeks show!

Check out James Kendrick’s Mobile News blog over at ZDNet and follow him on twitter at @jkendrick.

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