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Good to Go #11: Tablets Need Pens, Notes Need Evernote

James and I dive deep into HTC’s Flyer tablet and come to the conclusion that pens really do make for better tablets – if you’re into taking notes. While Flyer lacks Android 3.x Honeycomb and carries a fairly steep price tag in its current WiFi-only format, it packs productivity that the iPads and Xooms of the world are lacking. At least we argue it does, thanks to that Magic Pen and integrated Evernote syncing.

Why are we flying so high on Flyer? And which carrier is rumored to be offering said Magic Pen as part of the package if you buy HTC’s tablet with their service? Click Play to find out: It’s good to go.

More James? You bet, check out his blog.

Noah Kravitz

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