Gold Nexus 6P and the best of Huawei: Watch Elegant, Mate 8, and more

Here at CES, the announcements are coming fast and furious. Usually on day one, Press Day, there’s not a lot in the way of hands-on time. That is not so this year, thanks to Huawei. Lo and behold, we had hands-on time with almost every device the company announced this week. I couldn’t track down one.

Firstly, the gold Nexus 6P definitely exists. It is real and it is gold. Not much to see here, but the Mate 8 on the other hand… that’s something we haven’t seen. The Mate 8 is the first device running Huawei’s own silicon, the Kirin 950. Yes, the Kirin SoC was announced in November, but we’re finally close to seeing how it performs in the real world. This is a big deal for Huawei; the only other manufacturer handling its own processor is Samsung with the Exynos line. Huawei is seriously stepping up its game here in the U.S. having used the 6P as an excellent foothold.

It doesn’t stop there, though, while the MediaPad M2 10.0’s naming is less than memorable it is something that may catch many consumers’ eyes. It also sports Huawei’s proprietary computer brain, but the 930, as opposed to the Kirin 950 found on the Mate 8. We weren’t able to listen in one of its flagship features, though. What feature, you ask? Well, the M2 10.0 rocks four Harman Kardon speakers for surround sound, but you can imagine that a noisy press room isn’t the best place to put them through their paces.

Finally, the Huawei Watch Elegant is one of two new watches both focused on female consumers. Huawei was pretty tight lipped about the details aside from the aesthetics, but the screen did seem easier to view in direct light, at least indoors. If this is the kind of lineup we can expect from Huawei as it establishes itself in the U.S., I think we’re in for a treat.

Mark Burstiner

Mark is a former entrepreneur from New York by way of Chicago. He's a tech enthusiast and heavy gamer. If it's bleeding edge, he wants it. If it's...