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Get Charged Up! Callpod Fueltank Duo Unboxing & Review

by Winston Sih | November 16, 2010November 16, 2010 7:37 pm PST

Out of all of the portable emergency device chargers, the Callpod “Fueltank Duo” allows users to quickly charge your portable devices without the use of a power outlet.  A back-lit LED fuel indicator displays the amount of battery left in the tank before running empty.

According to one of the manufacturer’s customer, “What a great idea!!! I can FULLY charge my devices quickly with this excellent product. I recommend the fuel tank for everyone that uses electronic devices. Nothing is worse than running out of juice when you still are out and have important things to do. Easy to carry and priced very well. Fueltank technology is superior and I love mine.”

In this video, Jon Rettinger unboxes the device, gives you an overview and in-depth review of how it works as well as whether it’s worth buying.