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Future Ride: Jon Gets Inside the Tesla Model S Electric Car (video)

Is a 17-inch, Web connected touchscreen smack dab in the middle of an automobile’s dashboard a good idea in the age of distracted driving? That remains to be seen. But there’s no question that the Tesla Model S’ connected infotainment system is super cool. Between the audio and navigation controls, electric powertrain monitoring system, and full Web browser, the Nvidia-powered Model S takes just about every bit of personal, trip and vehicle information one could think of and literally puts it at driver and passenger’s fingertips.

Last year at CES 2012 I got to ogle a Model S from inside the velvet rope but outside the vehicle doors. This year, as Tesla readies to deliver its all-electric fastback family sedan to the first paying customers, Jon R. gets inside the car for a first hand look at the future of automotive tech. Just remember, Model S buyers: Eyes on the road while you’re driving. Especially if you opt for the rear jump seat so you can haul six passengers around with you!


Noah Kravitz

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