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Friday Fun: Messing with Google (and Bing)

by Jon Rettinger | December 4, 2009December 4, 2009 3:55 pm PST

It’s Friday afternoon, you’re sitting at your desk, watching the clock, and hoping your boss doesn’t pull a ‘Lumberg.’   We know you are bored, and TechnoBuffalo is here to help with a fun game we are affectionately calling ‘Messing with Google.’  It’s pretty simple, type in an innocuous word of phrase into the search engine, and see what auto-populates. I think you’ll be surprised.  To get you started, I recommend “I like.”  Let us know what you find.

Jon Rettinger

Jon, perhaps best known by his YouTube alter ego Jon4Lakers, has a love for technology that can never be quenched, no matter how hard he tries. If...