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Favorite iPad Apps

by Jon Rettinger | April 7, 2010April 7, 2010 6:21 pm PST

With iPad applications flooding the App Store, there is no shortage of choice.  To help you sort through the clutter, let me show you the apps that are currently living on my 32 GB WiFi mode.

  • iBooks – Great for reading but new releases are bit expensive, coming in at $12.99.  The UI is very visually appealing, but the catalog is limited.
  • Kindle – Amazon loaded the gun that is going to kill the Kindle.  This app gives you access to all your Kindle titles as well as the Kindle store.  It hooks up with Whispersync so you can read your books on a variety of devices and never lose your place.  It lacks the visual appeal of iBooks, but its cheaper new release prices and larger selection make it a fantastic option.
  • Pages – A must have for anyone who wants to do word processing.
  • Netflix – Gives you access to all of Netflix’s on demand library (assuming you have an account).  Quality is fantastic.
  • ABC Player – Gives you free access to some of the best shows on ABC including, Lost, V, and something Anatomy.
  • WSJ – A subscription service that puts all the Wall Street Journal’s content right on to your iPad.  Layout is clean and easy to navigate.
  • NYT – Read up t0 the hour New York Times stories.
  • USA Today – Read all the content found in paper.
  • Facebook – The iPhone version, just stretched (and pixelated)
  • Magic Piano – When you want to have some iPad fun, Smule’s latest is a great way to turn your iPad into a high tech piano…assuming you have some musical ability.
  • TWC – Check your local weather or see what the temperature is like on the other side of the planet.
  • AIM – Instant messaging client.
  • Bloomberg – Track your portfolio or just keep up with the market.
  • Skype – The iPhone version of the best VOIP client.
  • NFS Shift – One of the best looking iPad games out right now, Need for Speed (obviously) lets you control your car via the accelerometer.
  • Desktop – Lets you remotely access your desktop (mac or PC)
  • Analytics HD – Access your Google analytics.
  • Radiation – Brings the Tap Tap fun to the iPad.
  • Calculator – The iPad does not ship with a built in calculator app, but this $0.99 cent fills the gap in nicely.
  • Draw It! – Turns the iPad into a giant sketch pad.

Which apps did I miss?

Jon Rettinger

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