Jon Appears on CNBC To Talk About Facebook’s Redesigned News Feed

Facebook’s News Feed has slowly evolved over its short lifetime, eventually transforming into the cluttered information hoard millions of people say everyday. But that’s changing, and Zuck and co. revealed on Thursday what we can expect the new News Feed to look like as it rolls out to its nearly 1 billion strong userbase.

When you go on Facebook you want your News Feed to tell you what your friends are eating, watching, listening to and the places they’ve been. But it’s mutated into something more complicated, and even something of an annoyance. The new News Feed totally reinvents the way things look, and even adds some mobile flare into the mix. Facebook said it’s moved the clutter away, and put the things people care about at the forefront.

Jon appeared on CNBC following Facebook’s announcement to discuss the changes, and what it means for the social network’s future. We definitely like the new-look Facebook, so we’re definitely excited to take it for a spin. The new News Feed began rolling out yesterday, slowly, so keep an eye out for its redone look soon.

Brandon Russell

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