Facebook Home: A Video Recap

Thanks to countless rumors and timely leaks, we already knew Facebook Home was coming. Still, we’re a bit shell shocked to see an actual existing product, and a phone no less, that completely re-imagines the big blue social networking experience. On Android at least. Say goodbye to your home screen, and hello to Facebook Home.

In a nutshell, Facebook Home is a “family of apps” that Mark Zuckerberg claims puts people first. With Cover Feed, every status update, photo and article posted is streamed in real-time to your home screen. But more, it keeps users in the Facebook experience without requiring users to jump around from app to app. Notifications—calls, messages, Instagram likes, etc.—fly in to your home screen where you can address them right there—it doesn’t break the social flow, as it were. Facebook also talked about Chat Heads, which pop up over the Home experience (and other apps too). SMS and Facebook messages are congregated into one place, and are defined by profile pictures.

There’s actually a lot to go over—we haven’t even mentioned the HTC First, which will come with the Facebook Home experience right out of the box. Additionally, First is integrated in a way to display all notifications in the Home experience, while Home on other Android devices will only display Facebook notifications.

Check out the video for a full recap of today’s Home announcement, and stay tuned to TechnoBuffalo for more written content on Facebook’s new home on Android.


Jon Rettinger

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