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Disney’s Fun Wheel Challenge Hands-On: Makes Waiting Fun

by Roy Choi | December 5, 2013December 5, 2013 3:00 pm EST

World of Color is without doubt my favorite show at any Disney Park. It’s quite an amazing show and it is remarkable how you can make some dancing water a truly magical experience.

My least favorite part however is waiting for the darn show to start.  I want World of Color NOW!

Disney Imagineers came up with a way to help alleviate the less than enjoyable part of the waiting game. A new interactive game, named the Fun Wheel Challenge, uses Disney California Adventure’s  iconic Mickey’s Fun Wheel and your mobile device to create the largest game of Simon you’ve ever played.

Launching the game is fairly easy, just connect your mobile device to Disney’s Wi-Fi network “PierGames.” When you launch your browser it automatically takes you the game. So no worry about downloading an app and operating system compatibility. As long as your mobile device gets Wi-Fi connectivity and you have access to the browser the Fun Wheel Challenge will run fine.

The game will prompt you when to look up at the Fun Wheel to see and hopefully memorize the sequence.  Simply tap the corresponding part/color of the Fun Wheel on your smartphone and bam you’re playing. You score higher based on accuracy and timeliness. At the end of the game the winner gets to select what shows up on the Fun Wheel.

Check out the Fun Wheel Challenge next time you make a trip to Disney California Adventure Park.

Roy Choi

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