David Taylor’s iOS 7 Wishlist

by Brandon Russell | June 8, 2013

Next week is hugely important for Apple. Having been unusually quiet since last year’s big iPhone 5 announcement, pressure is on for Apple to really deliver on June 10. We have our suspicions of what to expect next week, but we’re particularly interested in iOS 7, which is now under the guidance of Jony Ive.

TechnoBuffalo already brought some concepts to life earlier this week, and now David Taylor is putting in his two cents. Many of David’s points echo a lot of complaints being voiced by a growing number of iOS users, and it’s about time for the platform to be shaken up with Tim Cook and Jony Ive overseeing matters. Whether the company will actually come through remains to be seen. But we’ll find out in less than 48 hours.

Brandon Russell

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