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Cortana vs. Siri: Battle of the Digital Assistants

Microsoft’s Cortana is the next big digital assistant, borne out of the famous sci-fi universe of Halo. As a first generation technology, the engineering behind Cortana is rather impressive, and a great addition to the Windows Phone ecosystem. Better late than never, we always say. Of course, when you’re the new girl to any party, you’ll immediately be judged against your peers. So we did just that with Apple’s Siri, seeing how the two stacked up in a head to head battle. How does Cortana stack up?

Aside from being pretty funny, Cortana definitely has some skills despite being a few years behind her closest competition. For the most part, Microsoft’s technology is up to par against Siri, which is a famous and sometimes maligned part of Apple’s software empire. With standard voice control questions, each one is capable of handling requests with relative ease. You know, even though Cortana is new, she seems to fit right in, offering up just enough personality and accuracy.

Cortana is capable of quite a bit—even going beyond the abilities of Siri with a little Google Now sprinkled in. If you’re on Windows Phone, the big Windows Phone 8.1 update will almost seem like a completely new OS with all the new features, Cortana among them. Powered by Bing, Microsoft’s assistant has some great predictive crystal ball abilities, some humanistic sass and, of course, a lovely voice. Microsoft should be quite pleased with what it has accomplished with Cortana.

Check out the video to see how Cortana and Siri stack up. There’s a lot to like with both personal assistants, and both are capable of performing a lot of requests without a problem. Do you even use Siri? Will you use Cortana? Is it still weird to talk to our phones? Yes.

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