CES 2013 Rumors: LG Optimus G2, ZTE Z7, HTC M7 and More!

CES 2013 is sure to be a haven for all things technology; from connected refrigerators to tablets to smartphones, Las Vegas will be brimming with cool new gadgets.

Today, our focus is on smartphones, and in particular, three rumored devices that we could see next week: the LG Optimus G2, ZTE Z7 and HTC M7.

They’re all packing some killer specifications that will appeal to this year’s smartphone buyer.  Are they worth waiting for?

We’ll be at CES in just a few days, check-in on TechnoBuffalo for the latest CES 2013 news.

Aaron Baker

Aaron Baker is the Senior Executive Editor of Mobile at TechnoBuffalo. A ten-year veteran in the wireless industry, he has worked for the four...