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CES 2011: Motorola XOOM Hands On (video)

The Motorola XOOM may be the hottest item at CES this year, and yet none of us can touch it.  Introduced yesterday, it is definitely the item I have heard the most people talking about in the halls and in the press rooms.  People want to see that sweet Honeycomb action, and we want to see what this device feels like.  Alas, we are only being allowed to view it from afar.

While everyone has been waiting for a true competitor to the iPad to emerge, and this one certainly looks like it might be able to, we won’t know anything concrete until we get some true time with it to get a feeling for it.  Will it “kill” the iPad?  No.  Will it potentially carve out the second biggest marketshare?  Potentially.

For now, get a look at this up close look from our own Jon Rettinger.

Sean P. Aune

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