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Buffalo Bulletin:iPhone 5S, Hyperloop, Xbox and More!

by Sean P. Aune | August 13, 2013August 13, 2013 6:45 pm PST

Welcome to the Buffalo Bulletin, a twice-weekly show where our very own Ashley Esqueda breaks down the best headlines on TechnoBuffalo.

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iPhone 5S September 10 Event Gets a “Yep” of Approval

Over the weekend AllThingsD said that it had learned Apple will hold a press event on Sept. 10 to discuss the future of its iPhone. Now, industry expert Jim Dalrymple expressed his own confirmation, giving his famous “Yep” of approval for the date. Typically such a confirmation doesn’t hold a lot of water, at least when it […]

iPhone 5C – Huge Gallery of High-Res Images Revealed

Apple will very likely announce the iPhone 5C on Sept. 10, just under a month from now. We’ve already seen the phone in video and in plenty of leaked images. Today, however, we’re being treated to a huge gallery of high-resolution photos of the green model, thanks to Sonny Dickson. We’re only looking at the shell […]

Elon Musk Finally Reveals How the Hyperloop Works

Inventor and smart human Elon Musk on Monday revealed alpha plans for his Hyperloop idea, a revolutionary transportation system that promises to shuttle people across great distances in very little time. It’s the most science fiction idea Musk has ever presented, yet the PayPal/Space X/Tesla founder is confident Hyperloop is very doable, and very affordable, […]

Xbox One to Not Require Kinect to Work

In yet another reversal of policy regarding the Xbox One, Microsoft has announced that you will not need the Kinect plugged into the Xbox One for it to function. In a Ask Microsoft Anything session with IGN today, Marc Whitten, Chief Xbox One Platform Architect, was asked the question of what happens should anything happen […]

Pokémon X and Y’s Mega Evolutions – Meet Mega Lucario, Mega Mewtwo and More

Think you know your Pokémon and their evolutions? Good, because Nintendo and Game Freak have added another layer to Pokémon lore, and it comes in the form of “Mega” evolutions. When specific Pokémon are holding an evolution stone in battle, they’ll change into their Mega form. Which Pokémon do this? We know of Lucario, Mewtwo, […]

Who Should Buy BlackBerry?

This morning BlackBerry announced that it is creating a special team within its executive board that will be tasked with evaluating several possibilities for the firm’s future. The group will consider joint ventures, partnerships and, possibly, an all-out sale. We heard last week that BlackBerry was considering a move that could take it private though, […]

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